Course Content
Features the welcome video that introduces the rationale for creating interactive learning tools to aid students in content retention.
Making Memory Connections
Learn how memories are made and what you can do to maximize your memorization and learning skills.
Explore the Benefits of the Concentration Game
Review the advantages of repurposing content into a Concentration game for your students.
Best Practices for Playing the Concentration Game in Class
Learn how to maximize the opportunity for students to interact with selected content.
Course Conclusion
The Final Project is explained here. Final certificate cannot be earned without adequate completion of the Final Project.
Using the Concentration Game to Promote Memory Retention
About Lesson

Final Project and Conclusion of Module

You’ve learned a lot. Now you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned to the classroom or home learning environment.

The final project for this class requires you to repurpose content of your choice and facilitate your students in making a set of Concentration cards to enhance content retention.

  • You must write a minimum 3-paragraph reflection of your experience using this new interactive tool in the classroom.
    • Include the topic, cards content, and some data demonstrating how the cards impacted memory retention for your students.
    • Consider a pre-test before activity implementation and a post-test after a few days of playing the Concentration game in class.
    • Not required, but you may add images of content or students engaging with the cards.

In the Q&A forum drop a link to your reflection for review by the course instructor as well as your peers. Feel free to visit links posted by your peers and learn from each other’s experience.

Final certificate cannot be earned without adequate completion of the Final Project

I look forward to seeing your work.

If you’re interested in more techniques, check out this video featuring Donna Lee Fields, a teacher and trainer based in Spain. Ms. Fields has posted a series of webinars that demonstrate how to adapt scaffolding techniques and activities into primary and secondary lessons. Technique 20 applies similar steps to higher level content.

Feel free to offer your suggestions and ideas for how to improve on or add to this course in the Q&A forum.

Thank you for taking this module. 

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