Course Content
Features the welcome video that introduces the rationale for creating interactive learning tools to aid students in content retention.
Making Memory Connections
Learn how memories are made and what you can do to maximize your memorization and learning skills.
Explore the Benefits of the Concentration Game
Review the advantages of repurposing content into a Concentration game for your students.
Best Practices for Playing the Concentration Game in Class
Learn how to maximize the opportunity for students to interact with selected content.
Course Conclusion
The Final Project is explained here. Final certificate cannot be earned without adequate completion of the Final Project.
Using the Concentration Game to Promote Memory Retention
About Lesson

Part 1 – What do neuroscientists say about the brain?

Neuroscientists hold a variety of opinions regarding how to improve memory skills, but most agree that nothing is more effective than practice. And, as Dr. Lara Boyd, a brain researcher at the University of Columbia, explained in her Ted Talk titled After Watching This Your Brain Will Not be the Same, “You have to do the work.” Doing the work is simply the number one influencer on learning and the greater the struggle and interaction in the learning, the greater the structural change in the brain which will allow you to retain that learning longer term.

Take 15 minutes to watch Dr. Lara Boyd talk.

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