Course Content
Features the welcome video that introduces the rationale for creating interactive learning tools to aid students in content retention.
Making Memory Connections
Learn how memories are made and what you can do to maximize your memorization and learning skills.
Explore the Benefits of the Concentration Game
Review the advantages of repurposing content into a Concentration game for your students.
Best Practices for Playing the Concentration Game in Class
Learn how to maximize the opportunity for students to interact with selected content.
Course Conclusion
The Final Project is explained here. Final certificate cannot be earned without adequate completion of the Final Project.
Using the Concentration Game to Promote Memory Retention
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Best Practices

Following these Best Practices will ensure that you have maximized the opportunity for students to develop strong connections with the content you want them to learn.

Step 1: Make the cards.
  1. Divide the class into groups of 4 or 5 and give each group a handout, as seen in the image, that displays the terms and the meanings.
  2. Give each group blank note cards, glue, and scissors.
  3. Have students cut out the terms and meanings and glue them each on separate cards. In preparation, complete a set in advance to show the students how you expect the finished set of cards to look.

Series of images showing stages of making cards.

Note: Be sure the students use the same side of each card to glue on and do not mark in any way the back sides of the cards. If a card on it’s backside has any type of marking, wrinkle, or fold, the players could use that as a cheat in finding pairs.

Step 2: Get comfortable with the card set.
  1. Have groups read the cards to each other.
  2. Shuffle up the set and have students as a group pair meanings with terms.
  3. Shuffle up the set and have groups compete. Which group can pair meanings with terms first?

Note: the alternatives at this point are vast. You could place terms in a pile and have group members select a term and make up a sentence using that term. Groups could earn points for proper use of the word in a sentence.

Series of images showing the cards in a pile, then distributed in a grid pattern, then the game being played.

Step 3: Concentration game rules.
  1. Each player has a turn.
  2. Player must turn over one card at a time, two cards total and read each card out loud to the group.
  3. If a pair is made, collect the pair, and take another turn.
  4. If a pair is not made, turn each card back over.

Note: It is very important to have the kids follow the rule of reading each card, ideally out loud.

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