Course Content
Features the welcome video that introduces the rationale for creating interactive learning tools to aid students in content retention.
Making Memory Connections
Learn how memories are made and what you can do to maximize your memorization and learning skills.
Explore the Benefits of the Concentration Game
Review the advantages of repurposing content into a Concentration game for your students.
Best Practices for Playing the Concentration Game in Class
Learn how to maximize the opportunity for students to interact with selected content.
Course Conclusion
The Final Project is explained here. Final certificate cannot be earned without adequate completion of the Final Project.
Using the Concentration Game to Promote Memory Retention
About Lesson

Part II – What do neuroscientists say about learning?

Barbara Oakley in her talk, How Neuroscience is Changing What We Know about Learning, explains a bit more what happens in the brain when we learn.

Hear what Barbara Oakley has to say.

Woman has fallen asleep while studying and has a book over her face.
Sleep actually helps.

So, when we learn, we are creating sets of links between neurons in our brain. Oakley provides some strategies we can use to maximize that neuron growth and  strengthen those links we build. Surprisingly, one strategy is to space out learning so that we have ample sleep in-between. But we need to be careful not to have too long of a gap between instances of practice.

Let’s explore how a Concentration game, based on content learned, can help strengthen connections and enhance learning.

You can see Barbara Oakley’s full 28-minute talk here.

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